Beach Horse Riding

Beach Riding at Nolton Stables

We have a large selection of horses and ponies and take pride in our ability to provide suitable mounts for needs as diverse as a young child, who is experiencing horse riding for the first time, through to those who have owned their own horse - and of course all those in between!

Starting the Ride

Beacg RidingWhatever the destination of each ride, we all hack gently across the fields and paths of the off-road route together – enabling groups of families and friends to spent at least part of the ride together.

En-route the staff (many of whom are the Owen family) are spread throughout the ride. This makes it possible for us to teach, assist and offer tips and reminders - to those who have may be ridden before - enabling you to have a confident and enjoyable experience.

When we reach either the beach or woodland we split up into smaller groups of abilities i.e. walkers, trotters, 'rusty' and 'happy' canterers and so on. We try our hardest to make sure every body gets to ride to their perceived ability.

Novice riders are most suited to either the steady walk and trot 1 hour ride to the woodland or both of the 1.5 hours rides.

Long trousers and sturdy footwear are required for riding and a waterproof outer is recommended if the weather is changeable. Hats are available to borrow.

The 1.5 Hour Beach Ride

Bach RidingThe 1.5 hour rides are our most popular because we can accommodate all abilities.

The 1.5 hour beach ride goes to Druidston Haven. This peaceful and majestic natural beach is situated just over a mile from the Stables.

Druidston is nationally renowned for it’s fascinating geological features and ‘Telly Tubby House’ (you will only understand what this means by coming and seeing!).

When the tide is right out there can be up to a mile of sand and we are able to ride on it all year round.

The 2.5 Hour Beach & Countryside Ride

Beach RidingThe route for most 2.5 hours rides will take in Druidston Haven, our wooded valley and the coastal track.
This takes you through lush pastureland overlooking the inlets of Nolton and Druidston - giving a bird’s eye view over St.Bride's Bay.
Out of high season we are able to ride on the beaches of Newgale and Broad Haven. These awe inspiring beaches offer up to 2 miles of sand when the tide is at is lowest.
As well as riding over our own land, when the tides are in we can take a trip out along local bridle paths and common land. These rides are fascinating and varied and offer an impressive alternative to our own coastal scenery.

Countryside Rides

Countryside RidesAt high tide, when there is little or no beach, our 1 and 1.5 hours rides head to our 35 acre private valley.

This is a sheltered, peaceful area where foxes, badgers, rabbits and pheasants roam freely and sometimes may be spotted.

We are lucky enough to have a pair of buzzards nesting high up on the valley sides, and it is not unknown for the rides to follow these stunning birds as they glide through the leafy glades and passages.

Over the years we have carved paths following the contours of the valley, making it possible to take many different routes and tracks. Some of these cater for the more experienced rider by having small cross-country jumps while the other paths may be taken at a more relaxed pace.

Indoor School Lessons

We are also able to arrange lessons in our indoor school – this does, however, depend on the time of year. See more at Horse Riding Lessons.

Day Visitors

Day visitors can pop in to the stables or ring in advance to book onto our daily 1, 1.5 or 2.5 hours rides. Those who are staying with us, or in one of the villages self-catering cottages, have only a short walk to confirm their wishes. Our stables are fully certified and accredited and we are a Visit Wales Certified Activity Centre and members of the Wales Trekking and Riding Association.

Ride Times

Morning - 9.45 - 1 hr & 2.5 hrs, 11.00 - 1.5hrs

Afternoon - 2.00 1 hr & 2.5 hrs, 3.30 - 1.5 hrs

These times are just a guide and are subject to change according to the tide.

See the Packages section to book a riding holiday, or Contact us to arrange a riding holiday to suit your needs. 

Riding Prices 2015


1.5hr Beach Ride £46
1.5hr Woodland Ride £39
2.5hr Ride £68
1 hr Ride £28
Private Lesson £32
Full Day £132


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Autumn and Winter Deals

Stay in one of our self catering cottages for a weekend or mid-week riding break.

We will stock your fridge and cupboards with a full English breakfast package - the cottage will be totally ready for your party with even the log burner lit!

Lunch will be at Glebe House.

Pick one of our riding packages - multiply the chosen package price by the number of people participating then take away the following discounts.

2 to 3 people - 5% for weekend - 7.5% midweek

Up to 6 people - 10% for weekend - 12.5% midweek

Up to 12 people - 20% for weekend - 25% midweek

Riding Holiday Booking Form

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Riding Holiday Insurance

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